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Studying abroad is one of the hardest decisions of our life and when we are living outside of our home finding another home is tough too.

Upmark is here to understand everything that might be difficult to tackle in studying abroad joyurney. We got your back and launached an accomodation booking service on our website to ease your journey.

UPMARK (Pvt.) Ltd is a social enterprise that aims to enrich counselling and learning experience through its strategical approach to their services. We at UPMARK counsel & recruit students for international universities according to their preferences and offering multiple coaching classes. Our trained and certified counsellors, trainers & Instructors are there to help students access to globally recognised universities & our trained instructors are there to help you to crack your IELTS,PTE,GRE & GMAT exams, & O/A levels’ exams.

Moreover, our partnership with multiple universities across USA, Canada, UK & Australia which allow us to place our students in international universities.

Choosing right option is as important as getting a place in university. Due to lack of factual counselling students are prone to get into desired degrees which lead them to be unproductive in their professions.